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What Are Essential Oils?



So many questions crossed my mind when I was Introduced to Essential oils. “What are Oils?”,  “How do I use them?”, “Where do I use them?”.

I first encountered Essential Oils In 2012 when was invited to a Young Living seminar. I remember sitting in a Young Living: 12 Oils of the Bible seminar, sniffing the 12 oils, and thinking, “Cool, they are referenced in the bible, the oldest book we know” and “They come from plants. I can dig that, but what am I to use them for?”. And that’s the general reactions I get from others when I talk about oils. It’s not a question that can be answered simply, because oils have so many properties and offer relief to many different ailments. But the question gets me excited to share my knowledge and experience, and that is what this post is about… So welcome to Caitlin’s Blending Blog!

In 2014, after I became a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), I also became a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. That is when I officially started to learn more about essential oils, and began experimenting!

When I received my Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit, I ripped it open and dove right in! I started diffusing like crazy! I started researching how others were using oils, and I reviewed testimonials on social media and essential oils websites, and began attending seminars. I found out a lot of cool stuff on these delicious aromas, and how to use them for more than just an air freshener. It didn’t take me long to run into one of the most important books I’ve encountered, Essential Oils Pocket Reference.  This reference tells you about things like the oils origin and history, as well as medicinal properties and recommendations for essential oils and blends for over 300 different health topics. I recommend this book to anyone! It’s a fantastic tool, so please check one out since we now have copies for sale in our office. As I started using the pocket reference to better understand the  oils in my starter kit, I got more and more excited and creative, and began my blending journey.

That’s my story of how I was introduced to essential oils. I will be sharing a future blog on how I have become an experienced blender of essential oils to create a synergy of health with chiropractic care, which has had a life changing effect on my brain, body, and emotions!

Yours in Health,



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