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Do I Have Your Attention?


Do I have your attention?

For how long?

At what cost?

As a holistic practice, want don’t only care about your physical alignment and bodily function, we also really want the best for you. That includes the health of your attention span – this might sound silly, but have you ever considered the value of your attention, and what it means for your health?

Throughout your entire day, things like our smart phones, social media, viral videos, news broadcasts, television, radio, billboards, and shopping centers, are having a bidding war for your attention. Who is winning? We hope that it’s YOU.  This is happening so frequently throughout our day, that often times we aren’t even aware of it. And the more frequently our attention is taken from us, an addictive need develops within us to be distracted, and the harder it becomes to simply be still.

Why is stillness valuable? The act of being still has more health benefits than you might think – and sadly, it’s becoming a lost art. The most common response to stillness is “I JUST CAN’T SIT STILL!”. Yes, you can. If you are distracted, then re-focus, and start again. Another common response to stillness is, “I just need to be DOING something”. The truth is that just because you’re still, does not mean you aren’t being productive. When you are still, your body experiences a Relaxation Response, or what is more commonly known as “meditation”. During your stillness, your body experiences regulation in heart rate and metabolism, and decrease in blood pressure, a shift in brain waves, a release from tension in the muscles, and an opportunity for the mind to be peaceful – hence reducing stress. And no, you don’t have to be in yoga pants on a mountain to meditate. Do it in your office, or at home, or wherever you are right now; if you can read a blog, then you can meditate.

So let’s discuss a game plan – Dr P always says, “five minutes is good, ten minutes is better, and fifteen minutes is great. Once per day is good, twice per day is better, and three times per day is great.”. If you are someone who prefers a little bit of engagement during your stillness, consider downloading the free app Insight Timer, a meditative tool that is customizable to your interests and your availability.

So the next time you hear the name “STILLPOINT Family Chiropractic”, perhaps you’ll think differently about your own attention span, and our belief in its potential.

Happy Stillness 😊



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