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Colic & Chiro

sick-la by Sarah Bricker


Colic, Allergies, Ear Infections, Nursing Difficulties, and Cranky Sleepers – what could these all have in common? EACH of these things can be caused by stress, and one of the first stresses a baby experiences is being born. For example, a typical hospital birth involves pushing and pulling (estimated 60 lbs of force on average), and then there’s breathing for the first time, testing with strangers, the stimulation that accompanies seeing and experiencing a whole new world. Eating can even be a stress as babies and mom’s are learning how to do it best. Or perhaps latching is difficult, or mom accidentally consumed spicy food or caffeine… What if mom struggles to breastfeed due to work schedules? During the eat/sleep/poop cycle of an infant’s life, there are so many opportunities for the body to become stressed – and we haven’t even started on the crawling/walking/falling stage! Even though those cute, little bodies aren’t falling far, proportionally their structure takes a great impact.

Because of this, we recommend wrapping your baby in bubble wrap for 18 – 21 years, OR you could try chiropractic care! When your body experiences stress of any kind (physical, emotional, or chemical) it directly effects the Central Nervous System (the nerves that run throughout your entire body). That core of that system is protected by a set of very strong and flexible bones called the Spine, you may have heard of it. And when stress causes these bones to mis-align, that Nervous System, and everything that it controls, is directly affected. Getting checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic will give you insight into your child’s current level of health INTERNALLY (functionally), and what kind of blueprint they will be using to start the rest of their lives on structurally.

Remember, stress doesn’t stop after 18 – 21 years, and chiropractic is not just for pediatric patients. And stress in adults takes different forms other than colic and ear infections, that are commonly misunderstood. Consider getting the whole family checked to reach your optimal wellness potential.

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