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Dr. Mary Grace Pennella Indianapolis Chiropractor

Mary Grace Pennella, DC

A native of Parsippany, New Jersey, and a proud Italian by heritage, Dr. Mary Grace Pennella earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration from the County College of Morris and an Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Buying from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduation, she spent eleven years working in the fashion industry for a variety of retailers including Evan Piccone, L. S. Ayres, and Famous Barr.

Dr. Pennella returned to campus life at the age of 38 to pursue a degree in Chiropractic with a focus on upper-cervical specific adjusting, and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2000. Her many achievements resulted in her being awarded Most Outstanding Student at graduation. In addition, she traveled to India as part of a mission trip with the Clinic Abroad Program, and performed a four-month chiropractic internship for friend and mentor, Dr. Bob Killingbeck.

Dr. Pennella has been an advocate of patient’s rights throughout her career – she is an actively involved member of the International Chiropractor’s Association of Indiana, formerly serving as their president, as well as the secretary of the Indiana state chapter of the Palmer Alumni Association. Since 2001, she has been refining her skills as a chiropractor and a business woman through The Masters Circle programs, and beginning in 2013 she has also been working closely with Indianapolis’ Holistic Hub – a group of local holistic practitioners and leaders working to bring natural healing to their local community. Dr. Pennella has also served on the board of the Italian Heritage Society of Indiana since 2005, and in 2016, she earned her certification in pediatric chiropractic.

Dr. Pennella’s passion for Chiropractic, which is obvious from having only a casual conversation with her is summed up with her own words, “there is nothing more humbling or more impressive than witnessing the power that made the body, heal the body”. Her esteemed mentors and heroes include BJ Palmer, Clarence Gonstead, Guy Reikeman, Vern Hagen, Patrick Gentempo, Christopher Kent, Bob Hoffman, Dennis Perman, Peter Kevorkian, Marty Rosen, Billy DeMoss, Leonardo da Vinci, and many more.

Stillpoint Family Chiropractic Caitlyn Quinto

Caitlin Quinto, CNHP

Caitlin is incredibly passionate about natural health, and has been so for the majority of her life. This passion truly started in 2001 when her mother returned home from a 6-week treatment in Reno for her Multiple Sclerosis, and her family instantly switched from soda to water, over the counter meds to supplements, conventional foods to organic foods, and conventional doctors to holistic doctors. As a child, she was unaware of the journey that mother nature was setting her on into the world of natural health. In 2014, Caitlin embarked on a new chapter in her journey and became a Certified Natural Health Professional. She now works full-time for Dr. Pennella as a Chiropractic Assistant, and she is always fascinated by the profound results that can come from chiropractic care.

Caitlin believes that “mother nature has provided us with everything that we need on this earth to reach optimal health”. She also believes that the body can heal itself 100% of any type of dis-ease in the body when you set it up for success – which is where her love of Chiropractic comes into play. She became a Chiropractor patient at a young age, shortly after her mom discovered its healing power, and she realized that the family needed to be adjusted as well as herself. Caitlin has seen the results in her immune system, as it has kept away almost every illness, such as the flu and common colds. That being said, she hasn’t been vaccinated since Kindergarten, and she is very proud of how long it has been since she has been sick, as well as how far, few, and in-between illness comes knocking.

Caitlin also uses Young Living Essential Oils to successfully battle and defeat her depression, ADD, anxiety, and allergies. She also uses them for everyday things such as skin care, hair products, bug spray, and even remedies for her dogs.

During your regular visits to the practice, Caitlin will be there to greet you at the door and answer any questions you may have, while also managing the front desk and encouraging you along your own journey to optimal health. Caitlin is always looking to further her education in the field of natural health, and she is continually growing in her expertise working alongside Dr. Mary Grace Pennella.

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tillpoint Family Chiropactic Sarah Bricker

Sarah Bricker, BA

Upon graduating from Indiana University, Sarah earned her bachelors degree in Biological & Physical sciences with a minor in Chemistry, following a pre-med track. By her third year, Sarah quickly recognized that her passion for truth and servitude was better suited for holistic medicine. She completed the pre-med program with a new heart and a new mind intended for natural forms of healing.

Sarah’s regular natural health resources include Young Living Essential Oils, Standard Process nutritional protocols, and seeking regular chiropractic care. She is also a supporter of Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions outline for a healthy diet, and of the Weston A. Price Foundation as a continuing guide for wellness. In her free time, Sarah is independently studying other natural forms of health to bring wellness full circle including proper forms of exercise, meditation, and community. She is always excited to explore the healing power of the body and the natural resources that God has given to us. To quote W.A. Price, “Life, in all its splendor, is mother nature obeyed”.

Sarah is currently working for Stillpoint Family Chiropractic as the Marketing Manager and Director of Internal and External Event Planning. If you are interested in requesting Dr. Pennella to be a presenter for an event, or if you feel that Stillpoint Family Chiropractic would benefit from your specialty, please contact Sarah for booking. Sarah works remotely, and makes an office visit approximately once every quarter to meet with the rest of the Stillpoint team.

In 2015, Sarah married Timothy Bricker and is excited to live out her love and commitment to her new family in Fort Wayne, IN. Her long term goals involve horticulture outreach, and bringing the truth about the wholeness of health to those in her community.

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